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Expierience and knowledge - key factors to effective IP advisory

Everyone wants to be sure that his IP matters are handled by the right people. If you have that concern - you've reached the right address. We are experienced team of patent attorneys, legal counsellors and advocates providing comprehensive services in the field of Intellectual Property. By combing knowledge and experience of three legal professions we are able to serve the full extent of high quality services. We assist in getting IP rights and enforcing it. We carry out transactions and build IP strategies. We present creative solutions to the client's problems, and we are oriented to achieve client's goals. We offer competent and cost-effective services. By choosing us - you choose the highest quality services.


Wojciech Gierszewski, LL.M.

patent attorney, legal counsellor

Pawel Brzezicki, PhD


Malgorzata Kluczyk

patent attorney

Ewelina Blecharczyk


Agnieszka Tomaszewska

advocate trainee

Bogna Lesner

patent attorney trainee

Aleksandra Warzybok

legal counsellor trainee

Anna Wozny

advocate trainee

Agnieszka Sobczak

advocate trainee

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