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The value of patent attorney rests in its effective advisory. It is not his role to file for a certain IP subject to the Patent Office, but to learn the client's needs and find the most effective way to protect it. Members of our team by combining expierience and knowledge of three legal professions: patent attorney, legal counsellors and advocate can serve comprehensive advisory and services in consulting, acquring rights and enforcing it. We've earned good reputation and we are percieved as a trustworthy partner supporting our clients in any and all IP matters.

Wojciech Gierszewski LL.M.

patent attorney, legal counsellor

Wojciech Gierszewski LL.M.

patent attorney, legal counsellor

Case studies

Louis Vuitton check invalidated

f you think, that the trademark once granted to the famous company is granted forever, think again. In 2009, OHIM, after 13 yrs of trademark being in force, invalidated LV check trademark.

Personal rights and "Porno"

The plaintiff was an actor playing leading role in the erotic comedy of 1981 named "Porno". He brough suit against the Producer of the movie claiming that his right to intimacy was violated.

legal nature of derivative works

The plaintiff in the case, manufactured elements of Police uniforms (see above) specimen of which were part of regulation of Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs


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